Field Rules

  • Masks must be on AT ALL TIMES in the play area, on the path from field to staging area and chronograph area, even if your lens fogs up or you get shot in the lens. If you can’t see, yell “Ref, Help” and a referee will wipe your mask and help you get off the field safely. Removing the mask during a game will result in ejection for the day, no refunds.
  • Maximum barrel velocity is 295 +/- 5 feet per second for regular paintballs. This means out of 10 shots at the chronograph (available at the field), not a single one can exceed 300 fps. Barrel velocity will be randomly checked and violators will be ejected for the day. You must check your velocity at the beginning of the day. Repeat offenders will get a season ban. We take our guests’ safety seriously.
  • Maximum barrel velocity for First Strike rounds is 285 feet per second.
  • Maximum rate of fire is 10 BPS (balls per second) REGARDLESS if you are ramping, walking the trigger in semi or shooting full auto. Most electronic markers have a hard BPS limit setting for all modes, use it.
  • No tanks allowed that have expired hydrostatic test certificate, stamp or sticker. You can have your tank tested and certified at SimplexGrinnell at 600 Windmill Rd, Dartmouth, (902) 468-9100 or Torpedo Rays at 625 Windmill Rd, Dartmouth, (902) 481-0444
  • Only cold-burning smoke grenades allowed (such as Enola Gaye) and only with prior permission of the referee. All grenades must be hand-tossed, no use of launchers allowed.
  • No flashbang grenades, no CO2 powered bang grenades are allowed.
  • No horseplay at spawn points, i.e. shooting teammates “for fun”.
  • No intentional groin shots or back of the heads shots allowed.
  • Shooting referees/photographers intentionally for ANY reason will result in ejection.
  • Mercy/freeze rule is optional but encouraged if you approach enemy from behind less than 10 feet. Do not mercy/freeze people that are facing towards you, you will get eliminated. Yell “Freeze!” to freeze someone. If you freeze a bunker with multiple people in it, do not be surprised if someone stays behind and eliminates you.
  • No profanity if players under 14 present.
  • Absolutely no DIY guns allowed unless the firing mechanism is factory made by a major manufacturer. In other words, putting a body kit on a gun is OK. Making a firing mechanism out of plumbing supplies is NOT OK.

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